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Useful Info

How often does GIFT publish it's newsletter?

GIFT publishes its newsletter every week. This involves a complete round-up of the market through the week, including major movements, volatility, company news and rumours, as well as economic changes and indicators.

How do I join GIFT?

If you wish to join our organization as a user of our resources, you can simply fill in your details in the 'Join Us' page on our website or create an account using Google. You will now receive updates, recommendations, and our newsletter on your email.

What sort of activities does GIFT host?

To fulfill our aim of spreading financial literacy and investing acumen, our main form of engagement is our newsletter, accompanied by articles and stock recommendations. Additionally, we host guest speakers from leading trading firms and corporates in India, including veteran investors, to give teenagers insight on the market. GIFT will also host competitions involving stocks and investing in the future.

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